(3)Mini and Toy Heelers

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Some of these dogs are current and many are in the past, we try to picture as many dogs of the past as possible that are in the pedigrees of our current dogs. some people like to make their own pedigrees for their dogs and other breeders can look up bloodlines and help prevent inbreeding if using our stock. they can do it by looking up the dogs and can print out photos or we can send them photos. Making extended pedigrees can be fun.

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12 Responses to (3)Mini and Toy Heelers

  1. Maranda Joiner says:

    We recently got our Forever Puppy back the beginning of April. I just have to say our family is all so in love with the Puppy we picked. Honestly you could tell he was treated very well, feed well, and all around loved. He is a sweet little guy and I would reccomend Rightway Ranch to ANYONE!!! We personally think this is a great family dog. He always makes sure we are all ok.. even at hs young age. When we decide to get another pup we will deffiently be coming back!! Thank you !!!

  2. Diana Lubianski says:

    I came upon this site by accident and have fallen in love with some of the dogs. I presently have a red heeler, who is now 12 years old. She has been my forever dog, but like the rest of us, she is getting older and it is hard for her to get up and no running. I am not looking for another dog now but I know that someday the time will come. Hopefully, a long time from now. I am so glad to hear about mini heelers as my Mia is a large dog and beautiful and so intelligent. Will never change breeds — they are just top of the line to me. She is my 3rd and hopefully I will never be without one. The small size appeals to me as I am also getting older. Thank you so much for your post– where is the Rightway Ranch located? Thanks again,

  3. For those who wonder about mini & toy heelers & why would people want so many sizes.

    Our mini & toy heelers have some very pacific uses. A 20 pound dog usually stands about 14in tall & is very capable of doing the very job it was meant to do, work & herd cattle. The first heeler dog I had was a female of 20 pounds her parents were imported from Australia in the mid 1960s. ( her bloodlines are still in many of our dogs today) I grew up on my dads cattle ranch in the high desert of North Lake county Oregon where my grandfather homesteaded in about 1900. Dogs & horses were a necessity to run the ranches of that size & in the vast high desert Terran of sand, rock, snow & just about every condition you can think of throughout the year. A dog had to travel a lot of miles on the range & on trail drives, be able & willing to work on a split second notice, the small dogs held up much better than the larger ones, less sore feet in the summer & they had more stamina than the large ones. My dog was so small she would jump on behind or in front of my saddle & ride part of the time & save her feet. the large dogs could not do that very well. As years went on we bred for working dogs on the ranch, there was quite a lot of size difference, I always liked the smaller ones. as years went on more people wanted the small heelers so we started breeding a few lines to be small by using small but unrelated dogs to develop our minis & eventually some became toy size, we are the first breeders to have miniatures registered in a class of there own as Miniature Queensland Heelers. Heelers do not always have to work stock, they also make great companion dogs, personal protection dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, agility dogs & many other uses. Many older people that have always had heelers whither they were ranch people or not still want a heeler for they are great dogs but age takes its toll on people & when you cannot lift as much, are less active, or travel a lot in an rv a larger dog is harder to manage so the small size heelers are the perfect fit, a heeler person can still have a heeler but in a small size that fits the situation. Many disabled people have our small mini & toy heelers for therapy dogs for they can cary them into stores & buses where a larger dog would not be able to go. many people live in rental houses that have weight restrictions on dogs so we have a heeler that can fit into most any of the those places. Heelers of all sizes are very much in tune with there owner or family & when something is out of order they pick up on it quicker than most other breeds which makes them a great service dog. they are easy to train to fetch & will do most anything if you know how train them. A good example is the famous SkidBoot that is known world wide, to see his videos just Google him SkidBoot the heeler dog & you will see some very impressive skills of a heeler & his owner. We also have full size heelers in the 30 to 50 pound range & a few that are over the 20in tall 50 pound size for the ranchers who raise & handle large livestock such as bucking bulls & large breed range cattle that are wild. Large heelers are also used by some of the Alaskan hunters, guides & all kinds of outdoor people that may encounter a wild bear that decides to attack, a large heeler can heel a bear & get there attention off the owner & if it gets slapped it has enough body mass it stands a good chance of survival. There are some breeders out there that have done the opposite program from us, they have bred for large until they have heelers in the 70 pound range or more.
    I have bred Heelers dogs for almost 50 years now & it is the love of my life to do that. I really like seeing our dogs of all sizes out there performing & being the love of other people lives, Breeding Heelers, having a ranch & having my family is what i live for. We are in America where people have always followed there dreams to do what they love to do & makes them happy so if they want to breed little heelers i respect that, if they want to breed extra large heelers I respect that to, it is there right to do so as an American.

    Cheer Webber

  4. Cher says:

    I owned one of your mini heelers for awhile, and would recommend your dogs to anyone who is interested in this breed. I realized after a while, that I personally was not able to give her the life she deserved, I gave her up to Must Love Dogs. Within a few weeks, they had a cattle rancher in Idaho who was very interested in the pup. I spoke to the rancher and found that he had heelers for quite some time and he was extremely interested in the pup due to her size and all that energy. I was upset that I couldn’t keep her, but am very happy now. I have received emails and pics of her for the last year, she looks happy and is very healthy. The rancher has told me that he would recommend your dogs to any and every one who is interested in this breed. “Katy” was the best dog he had ever owned and works every day with him.

  5. Don Stewart says:

    Riata’s red male & Larch blue female. (Mi) Cheer, I can’t express how happy we are with the two dogs. The female; Bella is a sweet and very smart wonderful dog. She is the alpha and protector of the family. The Maltese and her are inseparable and can’t be without the other. Jake, the male is built like a tank, and not to bright. He is the play dog, and is a riot. He is gentle and loves to play all day. The three are so happy together. They are about 25 lbs now, and we have a 3 acre electronic fence so they run and run some more. These dogs are of such high quality and temperament; I recommend you to all that ask. If you ever need a reference; please just call or email me. WOW what great dogs!!

  6. David Middleton says:

    We bought a toy heeler that we named Lilly last winter. She is very smart and in the first three months learned to roll over, sit, play dead and is also housebroke. Shes very protective over all of us and makes a great watchdog. What a special little dog she has been and we wouldn’t trade her for anything. We would recommend rightway ranch to anyone looking for a good dog.

  7. Donavan Duncan says:

    We own a puppy and love it.. If you were wondering what your money gets. We received the best friend we could have ever wanted. Very smart and loving. THIS IS NOT A PUPPY MILL we have dealt with this ranch for years. my first dog was from here although we got him second hand. He was a joy and delight as well. He lived to be 16 years old. (not dog years) I am going to order another one this spring.

  8. Prycilla says:

    We got our puppy last spring and I have to say she is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had, very lovable, loyal and great with all kinds of different people even children, we have never had a single health issue whatsoever with her I recommend right way ranch to anyone looking for a great companion! If we ever get another pup it will definitely be from here!!! Thank you right way ranch our little akira has changed our lives!

  9. Samantha Moore says:

    I have two dogs from Rightway Ranch- both are exceptional. Beautiful dogs, Cheer’s breeding program produces animal of excellent health, high intelligence, a strong but balanced working drive, and they are also very adaptable. These dogs ARE NOT tennis ball fanatics. They are smarter than that, by far. In my opinion, any dog breeders these days would be lucky to get such magnificent quality dogs from their breeding programs.

    Rightway Ranch’s 50 years of breeding experience has produced dogs for a better tomorrow- these wonderful bloodlines need to be treasured and preserved for the future. I am not kidding. We need these great dogs around, just to remind us what great dogs can be.

    Whether you prefer one of Cheer’s larger Queensland Heelers or one of her carefully bred, perfect little Miniatures, you are about to experience one of the finest dogs you ever had. I am a huge fan of Rightway Ranch’s breeding program. These dogs are lucky that Cheer loves the Queensland Heeler, and I feel extra fortunate to have two of her fine dogs.

  10. Jim Harrell says:

    I got my pup about two months ago to replace my mini Aussie who had gotten killed. I was a little slow to get another one but this pup bonded with me on the way home from Oregon and has made a big difference in my life already. Goes everywhere with me.jh

  11. Jenn Buchanan says:

    I purchased Pistol a couple months ago, and he has been just a joy to have. He is exactly what I was looking for. He bonded to me just like you said he would. He took a bit to get used to the routines of our household, but he has adjusted just fine. He loves his two big siblings and plays all day with them. He makes me wonder why I never owned a heeler until now. Thank you so much. I think your dogs are awesome!

  12. Marilyn Torres says:

    I got Masie in July 2016. Have to say she is smaller than I wanted – but I couldn’t be happier with her! I have always had standard ACD’s before and will again, but she is such a joy. It’s fun to watch her “big” dog characteristics in a little body. I have an eight month old Border Collie that she is in charge of – Masie puts her much bigger sister in check and pulls her around by her ear! She isn’t too good with cattle yet but may learn. She does help round up calves.
    Thank you for such a loving and fun dog.

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