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Our Queensland Heelers, in Standard, Miniature, and Toy sizes

We have raised Working Queensland Heelers since the 1960’s out of stock that the cattlemen imported from Australia in the early to mid 60’s. Our dogs are old style Queensland’s they look a little different from the show style that most of the AKC breeders are producing today even though they go back to the same dogs. The old breeding is more athletic, very healthy tough workers & great companions as well. Through the years we bred for cattle working dogs, they were various sizes. As time went on there was less demand for workers & more demand for companions.

Many people liked the small sizes so we started a breeding program for minis separate from the regular standard size. We breed our Standard size females to standard size males to be sure & maintain the old style stock in the standard size. To establish our miniatures we bred the little undersized females to undersized males & through the years developed our minis, we did not use inbreeding or use dwarf dogs in our breeding program to decrease size we only use healthy well-proportioned breeding stock. For more info on the minis scroll down to the bottom of our site there is a blog for info on the minis & toys.

We register Most of our dogs through NAPDR as Queensland Heelers in standard & miniature sizes. As far as we know, we are the first to register Miniature Queensland Heelers in their own category. If they are 12in or less we consider them, toy size minis & they usually weigh 10 to 15 pounds. Over 12” to 15” are miniatures & usually weigh from 15 to 25 pounds.  16” to 17” we class as small standards.  17” to 19” is considered breed standard for females. 18” to 20” is considered breed standard for males.

All of our sizes still have working ability, the minis do good on small livestock & poultry. Most of our standard size dogs still go back to the original dogs of the 60’s they have been born here on the ranch every generation. We have many colors in all sizes. Blues in many shades, from light silver, to almost black, some light lavender to a darker purple shade. Reds in many shades as well, from a light Apricot to a dark rust, Also Chocolate in many shades, from a light cream to a deep Hershey brown, all shades of Chocolate have brown noses it is the inability to be black. Blue slate (very rare) are a silvery/blue with blue nose, it is a dilute of black. All colors come in speckled, mottled & roan patterns; they can be from all white to solid. Heelers are born white then color out as they grow. Sometimes they have body spots, which are there at birth & sometimes these spots cover almost the entire body.  White is a lack of the ticking gene that makes them color out as they grow. Purebred heelers are rarely born without a tails; they are a long tailed breed. However, some people prefer doc tails, so we dock a few pups for selection & will dock tails on some pups per request at a young age.

We take deposits on young & unborn puppies Deposits are non-refundable, however the deposit can be used to buy a different puppy or dog current or for the future. We will replace any genetically defective puppy with a new puppy. We would not pay any vet bills,testing,medication,transportation,shipping or any other cost that have occurred.

Please enjoy our site.


3 Responses to (1) INFO

  1. Kelly says:

    I have had a Blue Heeler I bought from you almost 3 years ago. He was Born Nov. 26, 2011.
    I have had dogs all of my life and used to trained and show dogs also. Roper (my dog) has been fantastic, I bought him a week after my mother passed away and he helped me get through a hard time in my life. He continues to be the best dog I have ever owned. His intelligence and friendly attitude are amazing! Everyone absolutely loves him and I have referred many people to your website, I had another one last week asking me for your web site.

  2. Diana Clawson says:

    I got my mini Queensland Heeler 3 years ago. Maverick has been the smartest and sweetest dog I have ever owned! Rightway Ranch takes pride in their puppies! I have referred freinds to Rightway that have purchased companion heelers as well that have received happy, healthy, and very smart puppies. Cher was very helpful and knowledgable. Thank you Rightway Ranch! I don’t think we will ever own anything other than a Queensland Heeler ever again!
    Diana C.

  3. James Kinsey says:

    Almost 7 years ago I bought a standard, chocolate, Oueensland Heeler male from Rightwayranch. Tea is a standard that’s a little larger than most heelers. He stands 21 1/2 inches tall and weighs in at 64 non-fat, solid pounds. Tea is out of Rightwayranch’s breeders, Purple (45lbs) and Mariaha (40lbs). His name therefore, is listed with N.A.P.R. as “Purple Mariaha’s Tea Bone”. Tea is extremely smart and has been a very trusted companion. At the time I bought Tea I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “Chocolate Heeler”. I asked to see five blues to pick from, and was asked if I’d like to see a chocolate that was also ready to adopt. I said sure, simply on the basis that I had never seen a chocolate ACD. Upon viewing the pups I bent down and jokingly said, “alright which one of you is trouble? Your coming with me”. Tea herded the four blues back into one corner of the pup sized kennel, then started picking his paws up towards me. Well, that did it! Tea picked me so I, in turn, picked him. I have never been sorry for my choice. His temperament is such that a little dog can harass him to no end without reprisal. He gets along well with all big dogs too, right up until somebody bites him. At that point size ceases to matter and Tea goes from passive to full on aggressive until the other dog surrenders. Tea’s natural herding instincts are on display daily. He was a great pup, and is now a great dog. Loyal to the max, and protects anything he deems to be his, or mine.
    I wish to extend my grateful thanks and well wishes to all at Rightwayranch for my Tea Bone. He is truly a joy in my life.
    Thank You,
    James K.

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