(9) breeding stock

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the dogs in this album are registered with NAPR (North American Purebred Registry) not AKC. they have ben tested for PRA, PLL, DM the 3 most common genetic defects known to the Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) breed they are clear of all 3 or are labeled with what they carry. more young dogs and pups will be added shortly. we are now testing all breeding dogs to make sure we do not cross 2 dogs with the same defective gene. dogs can be used for breeding as long as they are bred to a clear dog so to not produce pups with 2 copy’s of the same defective gene. most of our dogs are clear but do have a few with a copy of one gene or another so they are bred to all clear dogs so most of the pups come out clear, we test any pups that are out of a one copy dog that is to be a breeding dog. if both parents are clear the pups are clear.




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