Info on miniature and toy Queensland Heelers (Australian cattle dogs)

The dogs below are all miniatures and toys they are 11 to 15 in tall and weigh 12 to 25 pounds they are our main breeding stock for minis and toys. we consider our ideal minis to be 13 to 15 in tall and weigh 15 to 20 pounds. we consider dogs 12in tall or less and weigh 15 pounds or less to be toy size minis. dogs 25 to 30 pounds we call mid size, they are a large mini or a small standard however you want to look at it.

We have raised Queensland Heelers since the 1960’s out of stock imported from Australia. The old style Heelers were not very large usually 25 to 40 pounds. My original female was very small she was only 20 pounds and was probably about 13 or 14 in tall, her parents were born in Australia, she was a true Queensland Heeler in a naturally small size. In every litter she would have a female or two that was her size or smaller, her daughters also produced some offspring that was smaller than themselves and so on. True miniatures are not the same as runts or dwarfs. they will produce genetically small offspring, some of the offspring will usually be smaller than the parents as long as the parents are near enough to the same size to be a good match.  Even though our minis are little they  are well balanced and are in all respects like the full size Heelers.   We have developed the minis and the toys  from the old style working dogs with out inbreeding them. we selected the smallest dogs from the litters and kept breeding smallest to smallest over many generations. When we select males to buy for breeding we look for dogs as much like ours as possible We prefer to buy pups out of small Australian stock. even then they do not always work out. Good full blood minis are hard to find. Our Charlie dog is an AKC dog that is genetically small and produces genetically small offspring in most of  the litters no matter what size the female is. We have Standard,  Miniature and  toy size dogs sired by charlie. Spur is an old dog, he is 8 generations down from our original dogs from the 60’s he also produces pups of all sizes depending what the female is. His little females produce some offspring littler than themselves in most of there litters. Most of our minis and toys are registered as miniature Queensland Heelers. If you are looking to purchase a pup please call us at 541 280 1537 or email us to see our background dogs of the past years that produced our stock go to our pages listed at the top under the horses and riders.

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8 Responses to Info on miniature and toy Queensland Heelers (Australian cattle dogs)

  1. Fatima says:

    I’ve been surfing online more than 4 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me.

    In my view, if all site owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be much more useful than ever before.

    • hi

      thank you for the comment. We try to give as much info on the Queensland heeler as we can. I have bred these dogs for almost 50 years & still learn new stuff. It seems like one can never get enough info I have found there is always something something new. I think it is that way in every walk of life. I am glad you enjoyed the site some of the dogs on there are from the early days of breeding & unfortunately I no longer have some of the photos of the starting dogs but post all that i have so anyone that has a dog from our kennel can look up its background as far back as i have it.

      thank you
      541 280 1537

  2. Peggy Powell says:

    I agree with Cheer. We recently had to euthanize our 14 year old beloved Australian Cattle Dog. He weighed 55# for most of his life. Because of health related and aging issues we don’t feel able to have a large dog but dearly loved the canine attributes of our Chief. Our local retirement village allows only dogs up to 20#. This site has given me hope that we will be able to enjoy another Australian Cattle Dog.

    • We love our Lil’ Man Samson… we got him almost a year ago from Cheer & John… We were so excited to find him when we were looking for a puppy & looked on their webpage… Since we were moving into a 32ft RV in a small park, like you Peggy, there is a weight requirement of 20lbs, even though he has hit 24lbs our managers love him along w/everyone who meets him. He keeps us busy & we find ways to keep him from getting too bored. My husband showed him how to pull weeds & now he keeps our little yard mostly free of weeds and he keeps us laughing, smiling and on our toes. When we can afford it we take him out to Battleground to run around w/the sheep, hoping that as he gets older & as we can get him into sheep herding competitions.

  3. Wayne & Annette says:

    We had a very good experience dealing with Cheer & John at Rightway Ranch. Our new family member – Sadie, is doing great and we look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with her.
    Cheer & John had great communication and answered many questions in a caring and concerned way… We would work with them again, highly recommend them! Thanks again!

  4. Diana Hughes says:

    I received a mini-heeler puppy from here in August, and he is just fabulous! thank you so much….

  5. Asia Allen says:

    Cheer is great and always responds promply. Our family puppy now 5 months today is a great freind, gaurd, and entertainment to us. We kept him on the diet cheer recommended and his coat is so shiny, everywhere we go people turn their heads. Thanks Cheer and we plan on adopting a mini red girl sometime next spring. We just want our puppy (Mumia) to have his puppyhood and stable training first. Mumia can already lay,stay, sit, roll over, open doors, crawl, go back, go forward and jump up, and potty on command. Thanks Cheer for your wonderful gift, we promise to give him the best.

  6. We got a puppy last July out of Chief and Aubunn. Preacher has been THE best puppy ever. We would like to get another one in the future.

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