old style queensland Heelers, (Australian Cattle Dogs) decendents of the dogs from the 60’s

Most of our dogs are decedents of the original Queensland Blue Heelers  imported to North Lake County Oregon from Australia in the 1960’s. most of the original dogs in that area at that time were 20 to 40 pounds. others are decedents of other imported dogs in the 70s 80s and 90s to other parts of Oregon and Washington, most of which were 25 to 50 pounds. Our standard dogs are 17 to 20 in tall and weighing 30 to 50 pounds. If they are less than 16in tall & weigh less than 30 pounds we consider them mid size or miniature. Most are registered with NAPR (North American Purebred Registry) Our dogs are of athletic working build rather than the over stocky compact show build. we try to keep the quality of the old foundation stock that can run, jump and work all day if needed and still be a good companion dog. Our dogs are very sound we have not had the genetic defects that many of the show breeders are experiencing. We guarantee our pups to be sound. if anyone gets a pup with a genetic defect we will give a new pup but not pay any vet bills, testing, shipping, ECT. To see our miniatures just scroll on down to the next blog.

Queensland Blue Heelers also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Blueies, Dingos and other names are a combination of various breeds done by the Australian Stock men of the 1800s and earlier 1900s to work cattle in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. they are a very rugged and sound breed that are highly devoted to there owners, family’s and anything they consider belonging to there owners. Never try to pet a Heeler in a vehicle without the owners permeation for they think they own the vehicle and will guard it with there life. There are various opinions of the breeds used to make the Heeler. I have talked to many old timers some of which moved to America and brought there dogs with them and most all agree that Heelers have the old Collie (not the Lassie Collie) Wild Dingo, Dalmatian, Bull Terrier and Australian Kelpie fine tuned over many years of breeding.


Our policies & guarantees

Here is what our moms & pups get up to leaving, pup replacement .

  We feed the Pregnant & nursing moms  Pro Pac Ultimate Meadow Prime grain free kibble or Pro Pac Lamb & rice they also get fresh goat milk clabbered (like Yogurt) for a natural source of probiotics & calcium also farm fresh free range eggs from our chickens & fresh raw meat scraps. the puppies get  Nutri Source small & medium breed puppy food made by KLN or Pro Pack Ultimate Medow Prime soaked in the clabber and water this boosts there natural immune system, Fresh water all the time. they are wormed 3 times by 6 weeks of age. They are  wormed at 2 weeks of age with Pyratal Poamate, then at 3 weeks of age with  Fenbendazole & SMZ for 5 days in a row and repeat again at 5 weeks for 5 days, one dose of praziquantel & Pyrantal Poamate in a few days, This covers most parasites known to the central & eastern Oregon area. Puppies get a shot of NeoPar at 6 weeks it is a Parvo only vaccine without the adjuvants & additives of extra stuff in it that the combination shots have. NeoPar is the top Parvo vaccine for young puppies. We do not give any Combination shots to puppies under 12 weeks unless requested. We prefer to wait until 16 weeks for our own pups. Puppies do not get much good out of combination shots until they are at least 12 weeks old & sometimes not until 16 weeks of age. the combination shots have a lot of harmful ingredients in them & the more times they are given to a young pup the more damage they do, combination shots have 5 or more diseases combined in one shot plus mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze like ingredient & other harmful stuff. If the new owner wants to give shots at an early age it is there choice to so. Vaccinating for Distemper & Parvo are very important but should be done with caution & at the best age for the best results. Puppies & dogs need to be free of Parasites so there immune systems is strong & vibrant to get full effect out of vaccinations. There are links below that explain the harms of shots, spay & neuter being done to young puppies under 16 weeks (4 months) of age & are much more likely to have reactions to the shots. puppies should never be allowed to be around anyone’s shews that has walked out in public places for parvo & other diseases are carried on peoples shews, if the puppy chews on shews that have been walking where there is disease germs it can get a direct contact to disease, door knobs & handles are also a common way for disease to be contacted, if someone has handled a sick or contagious dog & used the door handle then you use it and your puppy licks your hands or even petting it can transfer disease to the puppy. puppies under 4 months (16 weeks) of age are highly susceptible to disease whether they have been vaccinated or not. they should not go to dog parks, rest areas, or any public parking lots or anywhere unknown peoples feet walk or unknown dogs have been.  to read about shots, spay, neuter or most any common dog health issues go to page (9)  at the top of our site where i have posted a list of links & some articles by the top research veterinarians. below are some of the links to dog health articles & info by the top research veterinarians as well.  We do genetic testing on our parent dogs for PRA, PLL & DM the 3 most common defects known to the heeler breed.

We have a limited health guarantee on the pups that if a pup has genetic defect that was not noticeable as a young pup we will replace the pup with a new pup from our own dogs. we do not pay any vet bills, testing, medications, transportation, or any other expenses. only replace the pup. If you take the pup somewhere & it is exposed to any disease & gets sick it is not our fault, we would not replace it. Our adult dogs are vaccinated & non exposed to any outside dogs or outside people so they do not get exposed to any Disease’s, (does not include parasites). Keep all puppies under 4 months old whether they are vaccinated or not away from other dogs & peoples feet, where people walk, door knobs & handles you touch, or most anything that people or animals touch that has any disease on them can be a direct exposier to Diseases, places like public parking lots, parks, dog parks & especially shelters, vet clinics, boarding kennels, groomers, places of any kind of events are prime places for disease. we give them 1 or 2 shots of NeoPar the parvo only puppy shot without the adjuvants before leaving depending on what age they leave then pups should be vaccinated with a 5 way that has Parvo & Distemper for sure in them at 12 to 16 weeks of age to get immunity. up until the 16 week (4 month) old age do not depend on them being fully immune from shots for they are just babies & have to gain immunity from shots & on there own & it takes time, as long as they have there moms immunity they may not respond to shots earlier than 16 weeks & be vulnerable to disease. feeding good probiotics on a daily basis to strengthen there natural immunity is a good idea Solaray Multidophilus 12 20 Bil Supplement, 100 Count is what we use when we need to.


NutriSource® Small and Medium Breed Puppy Food is for small and medium breed puppies, mature at less than 50 lbs.

PRO PAC® Ultimates™ Meadow Prime™ Years ago, flocks of sheep grazed the rangelands and meadows with shepherds guiding them across the land.
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