old style queensland Heelers, (Australian Cattle Dogs) decendents of the dogs from the 60’s

Most of our dogs are decedents of the original Queensland Blue Heelers  imported to North Lake County Oregon from Australia in the 1960’s. most of the original dogs in that area at that time were 20 to 40 pounds. others are decedents of other imported dogs in the 70s 80s and 90s to other parts of Oregon and Washington, most of which were 25 to 50 pounds. Our standard dogs are 17 to 20 in tall and weighing 30 to 50 pounds. If they are less than 16in tall & weigh less than 30 pounds we consider them mid size or miniature. Most are registered with NAPR (North American Purebred Registry) Our dogs are of athletic working build rather than the over stocky compact show build. we try to keep the quality of the old foundation stock that can run, jump and work all day if needed and still be a good companion dog. Our dogs are very sound we have not had the genetic defects that many of the show breeders are experiencing. We guarantee our pups to be sound. if anyone gets a pup with a genetic defect we will give a new pup but not pay any vet bills, testing, shipping, ECT. To see our miniatures just scroll on down to the next blog.

Queensland Blue Heelers also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Blueies, Dingos and other names are a combination of various breeds done by the Australian Stock men of the 1800s and earlier 1900s to work cattle in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. they are a very rugged and sound breed that are highly devoted to there owners, family’s and anything they consider belonging to there owners. Never try to pet a Heeler in a vehicle without the owners permeation for they think they own the vehicle and will guard it with there life. There are various opinions of the breeds used to make the Heeler. I have talked to many old timers some of which moved to America and brought there dogs with them and most all agree that Heelers have the old Collie (not the Lassie Collie) Wild Dingo, Dalmatian, Bull Terrier and Australian Kelpie fine tuned over many years of breeding.

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