Queensland Heelers, Standard, Miniature,and Toy Sizes. registered with North American Purebred Registry.

A Heeler for you, in red white or blue, Standards Miniatures and toys to.
puppies for sale are in the slide show above

we did not develop our miniatures by inbreeding or line breeding we used the smallest females out of standard stock & the smallest males out of non related standard stock & kept the smallest pups each time & used different bloodlines in all the breeding’s. we are always breeding new bloodlines to develop new stock to breed back into the old stock. the old Queensland Heelers that came to Oregon out of Australia in the 1960s were quite small, females were usually 20 to 30 pounds males were 25 to 35 pounds. my first female was out of imported parents & she weighed 20 pounds & was about 14in tall. so we have mainly kept the old bloodlines going & by selecting the little ones out of those we have very small Heelers that are sound & healthy some as little as 10 to 15 pounds. we always look for new dogs to buy out of non related stock that are full blood Heeler to keep the gene pool wide. we have some mini & toy pups now the females are $350 to$500 & the males are $250 to $400 most of the time depending on color, size & age.

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